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Finished watching it. It's basically an official stream.

The two vocal songs in the beginning was neither bad nor good, pretty average. Lots of gyrations. The previous opening song (深蒼) was better I think. At least there might also be a live Xrd "Heavy Day" to look forward to.

Rebellion: Good enough. Can hear a few out-of-tune guitars though, and more numerous than on the same song on the 2011 DVD.

Drunkard Does Make Wise Remarks: Holy shit. The entire time, I thought this was some kind of non-BB/GG original song. I was thinking "Hmm, this sounds new. Is this some kind of new original song to promote their band/non-BB/GG works? It sounds May-esque (in hindsight, that's obvious) but I've never heard of this song before". Turns out it was from Isuka. Somehow this song got completely erased from my mind. This was compounded by the fact that the violinist took center stage in the middle section of the song (which was new), whereas in the original version, no violins could be heard anywhere. I opened up the GG Isuka album at this very moment, and listening to this song was like a new experience, as if I haven't already gone through this album many times already. This has never happened before. Holy shit. A completely forgotten erased-from-my-mind song from an album I like! Last but perhaps not least, I never cared much for this song anyway (but it's not like I frequently or even occasionally skip it).

Active Angel: No complaints here. Probably the best performed song out of all of them.

The Re-coming: Nice to some love for the under-appreciated GG2: Overture. Hopefully, we'll see a live version of "The Mask Does Not Laugh" in the future.

Band Introduction: Oh hey, Ishiwatari's hair is shorter than usual. Drum guy (*something* fumiya?) is different from 2011 DVD. Can't see his face, he's hidden behind the drum set and/or his own hair the entire time. One of the guitar guys is also different (Watanobu Toshiya?). Bass Guitar "Acchan": I wonder if he's still in Motoi Sakuraba's band/playing Sakuraba songs? There needs to be another Sakuraba 3-man band Live Concert. This time with Star Ocean 4.

Plastic Night: Not exactly what I wanted to hear but good enough and also good enough for the mere fact that they chose one of my preferences. Also nice that he played the long note at the end to my expectations (sorry not good with guitar terminology), you'll know what I'm talking about if you're familiar with the song. Anyway, I mention this because on the original version Lust Sin my favourite part of the song is 2 seconds long: the higher-than-usual note at 3:32 to 3:34. Unfortunately to my disappointment, this part was a bit too weak on the 2011 Live DVD version. Sorry, I appreciate and look out for (or hear out) the small things.

Possible noob question: What role does the unnamed guy at the back play?

Also, subject to it not havng a retail release, PM if you know where a better (original) quality version of this concert can be acquired.

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