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Lightbulb A DJ set series 100% made out of video game tunes that you could play at dance clubs

Hey everyone, I started this series with the intention to show the world just how cool and important to electronic music's history VGM actually is

Every mix will cover a different subgenre of electronic music. So first we got DnB and jungle, next is house music and then techno after that. Then we'll see what else!

I've also got plenty of ideas for special episodes where I cover only one game or franchise. Some ideas for those specials include Bomberman Hero, Jet Set Radio, Katamari, Streets of Rage and more, so if you like this first video please consider subscribing so you'll catch all of those! Sorry, I know it's annoying to say it but I'm just starting out on youtube so it really helps out a whole lot

Like I mentioned in the video's description, I want to keep the series as legit as possible, so there are no remixes! Eventually I'll make little edits to make a track or another a bit more dance floor-friendly, keeping as much of the track's essence as possible (that basically means only layering a few drums so they have more oomph)

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it! This website and forum are instrumental to this research, so I also wanna say... thank you everyone!

Here is the link!!!>>>>>>
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