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New Roles System

As mentioned previously, there is now a new dynamic roles system. This is a database of roles which can be added to and edited by staff. For albums any album staff is covered including roles such as Manager, A&R Producer, Illustrator, Designer etc. For products only music and sound effects related roles are covered.

The list of roles can be accessed at:

Each unique role will have a separate entry in the DB. A role can have any number of aliases attached.

For example Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar will each be their own separate role. "A. Gt", "A. Guitar" etc. will be added as an alias of Acoustic Guitar. Japanese aliases are also catalogued.

Credits should be linked as given. If the credit is given as "Guitar" then it should be linked to the Guitar role, rather than trying to ascertain which specific type of Guitar has been performed.

Each role has a role page (accessible via the list of roles above). They contain a list of albums on which the role has appeared a list of aliases, and a short description and an image (where they've been added).

The list of aliases also includes Japanese aliases. The Japanese aliases should only be selected for linking when given as such officially (i.e. in the booklet). For example if the role name is given as "Guitar" it should not be un-translated to "ギター" when linking.

In cases where the credits are officially available in both languages, linking with the original Japanese role name is preferred over linking using the official translation.

If particular roles or aliases are missing, you should ask for them to added here, rather than linking them to a different role:

For example, do not link "Strings Programmer" as "Programmer" because the "Strings Programmer" role hasn't been added yet. Ask for it to be added in the thread instead.
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