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First, as a side note, that issue with the huge orange box should be ignored. It exists because the song files don't exist on the Dev server. It's attempting to find the filesize of the files, which fails with a "file not found" error. When it's moved to the production server, those boxes will disappear. To provide some test cases where the box doesn't appear, any song written by you is now present on the Dev server. At some point, I'll get the backup and extract it there so that the boxes go away for all songs.

On to the more important point: I think the font is the one remaining major point of disagreement between everyone (other than which of the two designs should ultimately be chosen). Hopefully, some other people will chime in on whether the One Miguel Shaded font should be used in either design while I work on the mockup with Rama's design.

Originally Posted by Kidd Cabbage View Post
I'm in the second category. I like the layout decently (I still think the 'about the site' block is too petty for center page - if you want to keep it, but it below the discussions box or something), but I much prefer the graphics that Rama made. And I still think that scratch font has got to go.

Also, the dev environment doesn't work on Chrome fully. The header box extends far to the right, the font doesn't load, and the menu bar is too huge.

OH GOD and the song view page doesn't work well in Chrome. Get this big orange table in the listen box like
( ! ) Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for D:\Webserver\remixsite\web\uploads\songs\211-v1-quintin3265-asdf.mp3 in D:\Webserver\remixsite\apps\frontend\modules\song\ templates\detailsSuccess.php on line 276
Call Stack
# Time Memory Function Location
1 0.0003 316240 {main}( ) ..\index.php:0
2 0.1390 5824408 sfContext->dispatch( ) ..\index.php:13
3 0.1390 5824440 sfFrontWebController->dispatch( ) ..\sfContext.class.php:170
4 0.1394 5843544 sfController->forward( ) ..\sfFrontWebController.class.php:48
5 0.1586 6876184 sfFilterChain->execute( ) ..\sfController.class.php:235
6 0.1587 6876216 sfRenderingFilter->execute( ) ..\sfFilterChain.class.php:53
7 0.1588 6876216 sfFilterChain->execute( ) ..\sfRenderingFilter.class.php:33
8 0.1589 6876216 rememberMeFilter->execute( ) ..\sfFilterChain.class.php:53
9 0.1589 6876312 sfFilterChain->execute( ) ..\rememberMeFilter.class.php:23
10 0.1590 6876312 sfGoogleAnalyticsFilter->execute( ) ..\sfFilterChain.class.php:53
11 0.1629 7294104 sfFilterChain->execute( ) ..\sfGoogleAnalyticsFilter.class.php:45
12 0.1631 7294104 sfCommonFilter->execute( ) ..\sfFilterChain.class.php:53
13 0.1631 7294104 sfFilterChain->execute( ) ..\sfCommonFilter.class.php:29
14 0.1632 7294104 sfValidationExecutionFilter->execute( ) ..\sfFilterChain.class.php:53
15 1.0200 17684288 sfValidationExecutionFilter->handleView( ) ..\sfValidationExecutionFilter.class.php:56
16 1.0200 17684288 sfValidationExecutionFilter->executeView( ) ..\sfValidationExecutionFilter.class.php:209
17 1.0262 17835384 sfPHPView->render( ) ..\sfValidationExecutionFilter.class.php:248
18 1.0268 17835640 sfPHPView->renderFile( ) ..\sfPHPView.class.php:185
19 1.0368 18594568 require( 'D:\Webserver\remixsite\apps\frontend\modules\song \templates\detailsSuccess.php' ) ..\sfPHPView.class.php:81
20 1.1037 21742520 filesize ( ) ..\detailsSuccess.php:276
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