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Last time I tried uploading a 6300x4300 scan it crashed to the limit is probably around there.

I also like "pg." a lot better.

Some Qs:

- What about scans we aren't sure of? Append an "?" and leave it until somebody with the album can fix it? (ex)
(that's what I'd prefer or we may end up with mislabelled stuff)

- Manually fixing scans (remove incorrect ratios) or trying to find better ones? (ex)
(not a fan of tweaking scans myself if I can avoid it)

- Watermarked scans, yes/no/maybe?

Suggested addition for "Set Default":
- Discs enclosures without a proper album front should use the CD scan, instead of other parts of the complete package (ex.- do not use the game's cover).
(example, Blah says in the thread. It may apply to DVDs like this too)
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