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Originally Posted by Dag View Post
What about scans we aren't sure of? Append an "?" and leave it until somebody with the album can fix it? (ex)
(that's what I'd prefer or we may end up with mislabelled stuff)
I think leaving a question mark is the best we can do, it's ok.

Originally Posted by Dag View Post
- Manually fixing scans (remove incorrect ratios) or trying to find better ones? (ex)
(not a fan of tweaking scans myself if I can avoid it)
Depends.. it takes less than 1 minute to fix such pictures for me so it does not bother me. But if you can find a larger picture without flaws, it's even better.
A display picture for an upcoming album does not have to be perfect. They are placeholders until someone scan the pictures.

Originally Posted by Dag View Post
- Watermarked scans, yes/no/maybe?
Like Secret answered.. yes for very obscure or rare albums.. and limit them to front/back/credits scans. Also "(watermarked)" should be mentioned on the scan caption.

Originally Posted by Dag View Post
Suggested addition for "Set Default":
- Discs enclosures without a proper album front should use the CD scan, instead of other parts of the complete package (ex.- do not use the game's cover).
Absolutely. And i think we applied such method so far.

Originally Posted by Nisto View Post
About the link above, by the way; that booklet only has one exterior page, which means that when it's folded, you're only looking at the front, and the back of the booklet. So what would be a good way of titling these kind of booklets? Having only one page titled "Booklet Exterior pg. XX" might look a little odd, imo.
Which album you'r talking about? 007 or Digimon?
I don't get what you mean anyway.. A booklet that you unfold completely and have the front & back is a normal booklet for me (?)

The 007 booklet is a "2 sides x 3 pages" style when you unfold it.
Such booklets should be named & numerated while they are open.
I think it's always complicated when we have single page scans.. and that's why i like to fix/merge them (when we can). [ex: the 007 booklet should be 2 scans and not 6]
I tryed to imagine the order of the scans while completely folded.. but then it depends on how the booklet open/close.. so it's very complicated.
Best solution for single page scans with 2 sides while unfolded should be like:
"booklet outer left", "booklet front" "booklet outer right", while the reverse side use the "inner" caption.

Anyway standardizing the captions of such booklets is nearly impossible as it depends on too much factors and should be named on case by case basis.
Best solution is of course to joint (with an image editor) all the pages and make a single scan for each side. [like i did for the booklet of this entry for example.. But the booklets have to be scanned in a certain way to fix them correctly with an image editor.]

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