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Default Videos! Version 1.1.0 released

To add a bit more hype to tomorrow's start of Composition Combat, I'm happy to announce that remixSite now supports the posting of videos! You can post videos of your group's game music performances, or you can even post videos of remixed music put to game scenes.

Videos are supported in the same way as songs are. Just head to the "Submit new song" page, and select a video file instead of an audio file. You'll see your video highlighted by a special camera icon. Videos are converted to Adobe Flash format for viewing in the browser at set intervals. Videos can be reviewed and revised just as songs are.

Keep in mind that you need to own the intellectual property for what you include in the videos, and that we'll be forced comply with any DMCA takedown requests we receive. Also, note that videos are not eligible for entry in Composition Combat. Happy posting!
Now you can embed your songs in forum posts and webpages just like this image! Click the image to find out how!