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Yeah, about Mozart I agree they should be treated as regular arranges. I was mostly kidding to point that the "fan/unofficial-arrange" terminology is kind of nebulous. But as long as we keep clear what it means its ok.

I'm ok with Ira's suggestions but I think enterely dropping all the doujin/indie info in favor of fan-arrange would be a pity.
So why not simply preserve the publisher info (or checkboxs for doujin/indie and bootleg), but don't use it for colors like Another Soundscape says, and add the fan-arrange classification=orange?

This way ZUN or this could be blue again but you still know it was doujin/indie published. Same with doujin 'works' albums. Also, some people may be interested in doujin as a whole (not only fan arranges) so they could still filter non-doujin.

Originally Posted by Another Soundscape View Post
Beyond this the actual publisher should already have the relevant "publish format" (i.e. a doujin group is a doujin group and so on) so you can find that info there. Am I wrong?
I guess a doujin/indie label could publish official albums if they get permissions (wouldn't this be one example?), but besides I think the db needs per-album info to filter.
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