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I'm getting more and more frustrated with the Doujin/Indie publisher type. When stuff like Super Meat Boy! Soundtrack gets the "Doujin/Indie" label I think something is wrong.

While publisher type is about the status of the publisher (in this case Danny's own company) it's still handled as the main thing to sort by and decides the "color" (i.e. type) of the entry. Beyond that there is no clear way to define what's Doujin/Indie (especially the latter). Is it indie if they don't have a big company backing? How big does that need to be? Danny B's music is immensly popular and Super Meat Boy! is one of the best selling/scoring game on Xbox Live Arcade. What makes his publishing different from Dog Ear Records except the staff/users obvious bias towards the latter being "superior"?

While it's not implied, I think it's dangerous to start labeling things like this as with the filter function many filter out really good original soundtracks trying to get rid of Touhou fan-arranges. I know Doujin doesn't exactly mean fan-arrange (also a reason we should maybe consider "Fan-Arrange" or "Fan-Made" as a publication type) but most people think of it as that.

The danger, and I want to stress this, is that anything not "commercial" (and Super Meat Boy! very much is commercial) will be thought of as "not a real soundtrack". Original soundtracks for games gets lost because of a hang-up on "publisher type", something that's even quite unnecessary when we have publisher pages with information.

This needs some re-working.
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