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Originally Posted by seanne View Post
Since we're primarily an English language website we'll use the English title, if there is one, as the display title even if it may cause some confusion for people more used to the original title. If you prefer to see original titles over the 'display' titles though, you can go into the site preferences (via the 'gear' icon at the top right of any page) and change "Title / Name Language" to 'Original'.

Additionally though, having the same popup showing the original names of artists that we have might be useful for 'products represented' as well.
there are two problems (sort of) about that
first is afaik it's like the only vgm/etc site currently active, and because of that, the site should be more "international" and avoid sectarianism (english, in the way to think releases)
second could be corrected or improved in the way what I've already seen a lot of titles bad-ordered (english in romaji field, jap in romaji, etc)
a textarea for all titles was a bad idea, even with the left help, it's messed up
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