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I think we care less about our image of being "international" and "non-sectarianism" and more about making this website easily accessible to its primary userbase. At least, this is what I think of us. Even though I only made an account recently I've been using VGMdb since it started. I remember the announcement for it on Gamingforce (I was like wth is happening to GMR oh noes). It's always been about making the knowledge of VGM accessible to overseas enthusiasts, and I don't want that to change just to try and beef up some image to an overall pretty small group of people interested enough to look into game music soundtracks. Hopefully I'm not the only one that feels this way

(Later edit: because we included product fields in this discussion, which I think just ended up confusing things, I'm currently unsure if you're talking about using the English title for products or album titles. In some way I find it bizarre to use a title for an album other than its only actual title, but it does relieve confusion for those trying to hunt it down. At the same time, now with product fields, we can relieve that confusion in a better way and so I think album titles should be their original title and we should always use the English title for a product if one exists. Hope that makes sense.)

And the text area for titles in different languages wasn't a bad idea, it was the only way to make anything remotely searchable for people that didn't go looking up the Japanese name of everything just to be able to find it. Now, like I said, we have the product entries to really help that along by being able to search something's English name and be brought to a product page for it listing CDs containing music from that product. We've come a long way from the beginning is really all that says. It seems superfluous now because we have things like product entries, but that started recently. We're spoiled now

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