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I think there's still some things I'm not understanding. Sorry. First of all I don't know what CR stands for. Look, line 1 is the display name. If the official name is different than our display name, we include line 2. Line 3 is for romanizing the title. This is an excellent example of those 3 things. Lines 4+ are for anything else. I guess we use lines 4+ when we want to include Japanese characters that technically aren't on the soundtrack - like if the "official" name were something like 玉繭物語2 ~滅びの蟲~ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK and オリジナル・サウンドトラック was actually never written. Then we could put 玉繭物語2 ~滅びの蟲~ オリジナル・サウンドトラック to aid in searches. Like I said about the multiple titles already:

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And the text area for titles in different languages wasn't a bad idea, it was the only way to make anything remotely searchable for people that didn't go looking up the Japanese name of everything just to be able to find it.
This is true for Japanese people wanting to search something whose original name isn't in Japanese. We can add a title that's in Japanese so that if they were to search for it, we don't just say "screw off and learn how to input the English title in Latin alphabet." And so we don't say to English speakers "screw off and get IDE or some shit and learn how to input Japanese characters and basically learn Japanese just so you can search some game soundtracks on a website."
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