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There should be a more objective way of doing this. The actual "display title" should be determined based on user preference.

I suggest making an album title table with the following fields:
OFFICIAL (bool flag)

OFFICIAL is a boolean. It states if this title is listed on the album proper (or by publisher correction).

LANGUAGE can either be a code or a reference key to a master language table. It will specify either "Japanese" (Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana), "Romaji", "English", "German", "French", "Korean", etc. If the title contains a mix of languages, it could be assigned to a "Mixed" language, or we could just pick one that is most prominent.

[EDIT: This table has a many-to-one relationship to the album table. This means you can have multiple titles, and even multiple official titles.]

THEN, the user can choose what they want to see first as the "display title" based on their preferred order of combined LANGUAGE and OFFICAL statuses. For example, my own setting might be:
A. English (official)
B. English (unofficial)
C. Romaji (official)
D. Romaji (unofficial)
E. Japanese (official)

One of you might opt instead for something like:
A. English (official)
B. Romaji (official)
C. Romaji (unofficial)
D. English (unofficial)
E. Japanese (official)

This may create more overhead with DB calls, though we could possibly find ways to optimize this. Perhaps we only have two settings:

1. Preferred Language: "English", "Japanese", etc.
2. Title Priority: "Preferred Language", "Official Title"

Choosing "English" & "Preferred Language" would be like my first example for my own setting, whereas choosing "English" & "Official Title" would be like my second example that one of you might choose.

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