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Originally Posted by Hellacia View Post
This would make giving the official Japanese title for CREID impossible - is it クリイド 光田康典&ミレニアル・フェア, or クリイド ゼノギアス アレンジヴァージョン?
So basically Katakana+Kanji vs. all Katakana? They'd both be official. Perhaps we could have some alternate language entries as well, such as:

Japanese (official) <= [first title goes here]
Japanese Katakana (official) <= [second title goes here]

Or we could just have a catch-all "Alternative" language for instances that don't fit the mold.

EDIT: But in the case of CREID, "Yasunori Mitsuda & Millennial Fair" is the artist name, not part of the album title. This is the standard for most non-soundtrack albums, and it is exactly what is happening here.

EDIT 2: I forgot you were one of the people who supported me on this, so you know the drill then.

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