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This is an interesting idea, though I don't have a feeling for what we'd put in the "official" vs "unofficial" branches. The main problem with this isn't technical (tables query, etc.), it's that we have 32,000 albums that we would need to edit and expand to fix into the new system. That migration might have to be done manually. It's a major change, similar to the proposed track-linking system in that it requires simultaneous support of "old vgmdb" and "new vgmdb" until they are all moved over.

But if we don't do something like that, we still have this core divisive issue.
  1. Standardize Display Title to use Romanized titles using an offiical romanization scheme (maybe Hepburn)
  2. Standardize to favor an English release title where there is one, Romanized if there isn't. Also, translate non-title text like Ongakushu -> Music Collection
  3. No standard (what we are using now)

We are 3 right now. 1 and 2 both have things I don't like. For 1:
  • All "Genso Suikoden" -> Suikoden
  • Many "Dracula" -> Castlevania
  • (insert more examples here)

For 2:
  • Spirited Away Image Album -> Sen to Chihiro to Kamikakushi ImÄ“ji Arubamu
  • Preorder Campaign Drama CD -> Yoyaku KyanpÄ“n Tokuten Dorama CD
  • (I can find plenty more examples for this)

So, I'm not satisfied with either way. All of this stuff effects what you see in search results, collections, and marketplace pages, so it's important. Obviously Kaleb's suggestion gives more choices, and maybe the problem is that we don't have enough titles at present to accommodate what everone wants.
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