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Default I released a chiptune album and want to share it. So ...

Boundarymen Volume I
Hey, everyone! I wasn't sure whether to post this in the album discussion section considering that the album itself doesn't have any associated code or label. So I'm posting it here, because I feel my music needs an audience and it's pretty hard to find one by sitting on your duff. This is a pay-what-you-want chiptune album that runs about 28 minutes in length.

Click on the album or here to go to the bandcamp page!

(Click here to see the VGMDB entry, if you would prefer to see its listing on here.)

"Boundarymen Volume I is not only my debut EP. It is the first part of the retro video game soundtrack I've always dreamed of writing! It started out as a feverish attempt to write something in the style of old Konami and Capcom games for the NES, but it soon developed into an album that reflects my progressive spirit and tastes as an aspiring composer. I hope you enjoy this album and the several releases that are soon to come."
If this is totally out of place, just delete this thread or let me know and I'll blank out the post. Thanks for listening! I look forward to throwing more music out there in the future.

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