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Originally Posted by Gigablah View Post
A potential solution is to merge the publisher types back together AND make the blue color-coding for Works releases (i.e. no category) to have higher priority than the orange coding for Doujin/indie publisher type, which achieves a closer result to our old system.
Works already has higher priority as far as I can see, initially after the change doujin had higher priority, but that got changed back quickly. see REDALiCE for instance, the vast majority of his stuff is doujin, but the works are blue. Or did I just miss the point completely?

Originally Posted by PsychoZeke View Post
The descriptions given at the side explaining what is what should be enough; I don't see what's all the hoopla about, really (pardon my bluntness).
The 'hoopla' is that it's semantics. An independent release is an independent release regardless of whether it's published by Nobuo Uematsu, ZUN, an independent label, or some really obscure doujin artist.
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