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I voted to keep them separate but after reading about this more, I think I need to know more about this.

We need to first look at what exactly we're trying to describe with the publisher type. It currently seems to actually boil down to a few elements:
- Copy rights
- Intellectual property rights
- Whether the publisher operates to publish only for their own artist or group, or publishes various artists.

Here's my current understanding of the new types. Correct me where I'm wrong.
- A Commercial album's publisher owns all copy rights and is licensed for IP rights for the album. They publish for various artists.
- An Independant album's publisher owns all copy rights and is licensed for IP right for the album. They only publish their own work.
- A Doujin/fanmade album's publisher owns the copy rights for the album, but they probably are not licensed for the IP rights of the original compositions. They likely only publish their own work.
- A Bootleg album's publisher does not own copy rights nor IP rights for the album. There is no original work added by the publisher of the album, so the question of whose work they publish is irrelevant.

By the way, we'll run into an issue with Self-Published vs. Commercial for this type of thing:
Music by Shinji Hosoe. Published by SuperSweep, Shinji Hosoe's label.

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