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This is interesting...everywhere in printed material is mentioned WaterTower but code is NLR.
Yes, I will add scans.

Originally Posted by Efendija View Post
Was talking about that in another thread, but that stuff with additional music/arranging/orchestration etc. is still valid if it's mentioned in the booklet so you can include these artists in the respective fields.
It's usual they actually just write a small cue or a longer part (rarely a full OST track) which would be incorporated in another track most of the time (without leaving info in the booklet about what exactly they did). And yeah, it's completely expected that covers just say 'music by [put a name of main composer here]'.

What I would like to know about this particular release is what label is the publisher on the printed material (back cover scan/photo would really help) because this is close to transition time from New Line to WaterTower & all... Can you help with that?
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