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Default Sorting out BlazBlue album differences

So there's the arcade OST, the "consumer edition" (console) OST, and the LE two disc soundtrack from Aksys Games. What albums contain what tracks?

I decided to sort it out for myself before writing a review, and I created this spreadsheet. Thought I'd share it with the public, for what it's worth.

Basically, the Aksys Games 2 disc LE covers the entire Arcade Version OST (minus one track, sort of...), and it hits up a few of the tracks from Consumer Edition. But most of Consumer Edition didn't make the album.

It's also worth noting that the new vocal theme "Ao-iconoclast" is nowhere to be found on ANY of these discs. Only way to get it is to buy the single from vocalist KOTOKO.

Hope this helps anyone who's looking into BlazBlue music.


EDIT -- Also, note that the American version from Aksys has some skips in the master pressing that no one has avoided. Most notably, 2:17 in disc 1, track 15, "Rebellion." I think I also heard another skip or two throughout, but I haven't identified them yet.

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