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Yeah, that's what I thought for E/M/A and XL-TT too. And then DOA is probably Dead or Alive but could also be Dead on Arrival (they both work in the context of the anime).

So, then, I guess the pictograph should be left as is for 9? I guess the 巨人 should be translated though.

Also if XL-TT is Extra-Large Titan then I suppose 巨人 should be translated as Titans (though the producers of anime translate it as Giants).

Which leaves us with:
01 attack ON titan
02 The Reluctant Heroes
03 eye-water
04 Three-dimensional Maneuvering
05 counter/attack-mankind
06 army ⇒ G♂
07 Bird in a Cage
08 DOA
09 凸] ♀] ♂] ← Titans
10 E/M/A
11 Titans ~ Extermination
12 Building Blocks
13 Everyday
14 XL-TT
15 Call your name
16 omake-pfadlib
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