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Default GUSTCD-11012: Ar nosurge Genometric Concert side.AO TOKIKAGURA

I think I just post this here. I already told Phono about this on IRC, but he didn't understand me I guess.

When looking at the current entry on CDJ, the album is tagged by the shop system as "regular edition". From my experience, CDJ doesn't add "regular edition" tags when no limited/special edition is available. It would then just omit the tag. However the tag is there, and it makes me wonder why there isn't any other release type to be found on CDJ at the moment. I wrote them a mail, so maybe they can clarify this.

Now, here comes Amazon Japan, where, when searching for the album name, just a release appears, which is tagged as "limited edition".

What I also noticed, is the difference in price, when comparing CDJ and Amazon Japan. CDJ lists them as 3000 JPY and Amazon as 3675 JPY. This doesn't look like a tax thing to me, or is it?
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