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Default New Cho Aniki Albums + Interview and EAC Kanji Display Question

Was in Japan and found a flyer for a new Cho Aniki album coming out for the new PSP game.

Looks pretty cool, but $70 for game + album seems kinda steep.

I'll have scans of the flyer later, but the music is done by Koji Hayama (with an awesome pic of him on the back). Speaking of him, there was an interview with him on Go! Game! Music! This guy's got quite the personality!

Additionally, I found a previously unlisted Aniki album that came with the Cho Aniki fighting game (Cho Aniki: Bakuretsu Rantouden). The Album is called Okusan Komeya Desu (Cho Aniki - My Wife the Rice Dealer [o_O]). Serial number is SHVC-AANJ-JPN.

EAC pulls up info from the disc, but won't display it because the information is in kanji. Anyone know how to display that information so I can get an accurate tracklist for the database?
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