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Originally Posted by LuxKiller65 View Post
Which one is it?
Not sure if you're referring to which albums I'm talking about or not, but these are the Capcom Music Generation ones for Classic & X, and these are the Sound Boxes for Classic & X.

It's true that the Sound Boxes have more overall value since they contain a more complete set, though I'm uncertain if the overall sound quality is any better in either release. My main concern is the quality since I don't mind paying more for one over the other or anything like that. However, if the quality is the same for both then it would seem logical to just go with the Sound Boxes since you're getting more content overall.

Unrelated, but I'm really curious on whether or not Capcom will ever release a Legends Sound Box. Granted, there's probably not enough tracks to justify a Sound Box. Regardless, it would be nice though seeing as the first game's soundtrack goes for very high prices online while the second game has yet to receive a full soundtrack release. I suppose it's not outside of the realm of possibility though seeing as both Battle Network and Star Force received ones, which was quite a surprise.
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