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Originally Posted by BlazingAbyss View Post
Unrelated, but I'm really curious on whether or not Capcom will ever release a Legends Sound Box. Granted, there's probably not enough tracks to justify a Sound Box. Regardless, it would be nice though seeing as the first game's soundtrack goes for very high prices online while the second game has yet to receive a full soundtrack release. I suppose it's not outside of the realm of possibility though seeing as both Battle Network and Star Force received ones, which was quite a surprise.
Yeah, I would love for some Legends love in the form of a box set or a very nice OST release. I think all there currently is the Legends 1 soundtrack (half the score) and the DASH 2 disc (which thankfully has most of my favorite tracks.

As for the box sets, here's a few things of note:

MM1-6 box:
There isn't anything astray with the original MM set. Just realize the music sounds a little more louder on the Sound Box. However, Mega Man 1 and 2 on the sound box (both the eCAN AND Sound Box reprint) have their high peaks in instrumentation obscured by some bad mastering, so one could say these tracks are superior on the MM1-6 box. Mega Man 3 through 10 are great, and Mega Man 7 and 8 are fresh transfers (not copies of Team Entertainment's work) so that fixes those ones.

MMSound Box / ECan:
Kind of pointed out the main issue above. Mega Man 1 and 2 high peaks are somewhat distorted; same regardless of what version you get. This also crosses over to Spacelab's vinyl as well release as well.

Mega Man X1-6 Box:
Yeah, there are some issues:

- Mega Man X2 Flame Stag opening cut off
- Vile Stage from X3 beginning cut off
- X3 Crammed onto one disc meaning a track or two is missing
- X2 is missing the alternate version of the title theme used for Dr. Cain's lab
- X2 Zero has energy bar charging
- Stage Starting themes for SNES games have SE in them (but I think this is a plus)
- X4 through X6 are basically great. X4 rip is from PlayStation version of game, tracks in this take of game have definitive ends. Saturn version left to ages.

Mega Man X Sound Box:
The X Sound Box pretty much fixes every problem with the X1-6 Box:

- The issues I mentioned above are cleared up
- The two X3 scores get separate discs and their missing tracks
- X2 gets fixes and missing track
- The Stage Start pieces don't have SE in them this time
- You get additional scores for Mega Man X7, X8, Command Mission, Xtreme, Xtreme 2, Maverick Hunter X, X8 Bonus CD, and the bonus track which has early audio from a beta copy of Mega Man X (different title music) but most will probably say the X1-6 box has the stonger half of the franchise's audio
- X4 through X6 is carbon copy of what was in X1-6 box
- X7 is missing licensed pop song Lazy Mind.

- Most of the errors on this set are in the track listing which you can see in the entry for it on the site here; all the music is there, but there are a few oversights regarding track order.

- I think this pretty much gives you all the music from the X series outside of Mega Man X Crossover and the Rockman X Jazz Arrange disc. I have the Jazz arrange disc, but I wish they included it. It goes for an easy $100 alone.
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