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Originally Posted by BlazingAbyss View Post
Speaking of which, a little bit earlier I was reading that the original CD releases for MM 7 & 8 by TEAM Entertainment are actually inferior to those of the Sound Box, is that true? If so maybe I'm best off getting the Sound Box anyway and just selling my CDs for 7-10.
I have the sound box and I've had the Mega Man 7 & 8 Team Entertainment discs; got them when they came out. The sound box fixes a few errors from Team Entertaiment's work:

- For some reason the second half of opening stage is completely absent on the TE disc. This was pretty damning IMO cause I love this one.

- Not really an error, but the TE set has the sound of Bass teleporting in prior to "Theme Of Bass" starting. The box doesn't.

- There's a small section in freeze man's stage were there seems to be some rouge SE. Not horrible, but it's there.

- Wily Stage boss has the sound of the boss moving at the start of the track.

- "Rockman Family" has text sound running all throughout it

- Last Boss has the energy bar charging at start.

- This isn't very damning, but I can't help but feel some of the tracks are actually longer than they should be. I think it was Cloud Man that exceeded the double loop, but it's been so long.

- I can't remember if it was MM7 or MM8; but if you compare the recordings, there are a few tracks were the tunes on the TE discs are louder than they are on the box set. You'll probably only notice this if you really compare the tracks; it's hard to guess which source is more/less accurate. (I think MM8's Tengu Man -non Saturn- was one of these.)


- I'll be honest, I think MM8 TE is fine if you just want MM8. There are a few oversights, but I'm guessing since the audio was extracted from a disc - instead of a cart - this time, less could go wrong.

- The main issue with MM8TE is "Frost Man Stage". The transition from the first loop to the second loop is more or less cut out and the first loop is just stacked on top of one another to make a make-shift double loop.

- Someone has stated that the above also occurs with "Search Man Stage" but I can't hear it. I think the reason the botched Frost Man Stage transition sticks out to me is because it's one of my favorites from the game.

The box fixes all of the above for both games. It also adds:

- Wood, Cut and Tengu Man (Saturn exclusive themes, rest of Saturn OST, which has slightly different dynamics that PS1 rip, left to ages unforunately)

- It's missing the piece for the opening FMV. However, you can get that on the Sound Box 2 as a bonus track.

- The first sound box ALSO includes the the remixes used in Mega Man Anniversary (PS2/XBox/GC); Mega Man 1-3 OSTs are NOT comprehensive, Mega Man 4-6 OST ARE Comprehensive.

- A bit of a warning; if you eventually by Sound Box 2, and have sound Box 1 and 2 in your music library, have fun with all the duplicate tracks! (Mega Man 1-3 corlate to tracks in Power Fighters / The Power Battle - all with different track listings = one big mess)

- A few misnamed tracks on Sound Box 1:

Disc 1:

Track 1-33 is listed as "Dr. Wily Stage 1" when its actually an original track called "Yellow Devil" from Rockman: The Power Battle and Rockman 2: The Power Fighters.

Disc 2:

Track 2-42 "Crush Out (Clashman)" isn't Crashman's theme, it's Guts Man theme from the original Mega Man. This error exists on the mini CD this track originates from and wasn't corrected when moved over to this album.

Disc 3:

Track 3-28 "Magnet Man Stage" isn't the PlayStation version of Magnet Man's theme, it's actually Cloud Man's theme from Rockman 2: The Power Fighters. This is another mistake that was made due to a previous mistake on the The Power Fighters soundtrack track listing back in 1995.

Track 3-30 "Top Man Stage" isn't the PlayStation version of Top Man's theme, it's actually a track called "Mad Grinder" from Rockman 2: The Power Fighters which is a remix of "Opening Stage" from Mega Man 7. Again, this error is due to overlooking a previous error on The Power Fighters soundtrack.


What I essentially did was keep the MM1-6 set for MM1 & 2 and supplemented it with the 1-10 Sound box; keeping both. Got rid of my MM7, 8 and 9 individuals.

When it came to Mega Man X, I sold off my 1-6 box, MMX7 and MMX8 individuals and just went with the newer box set. To be honest the only thing I miss is Mega Man X3's "Stage Start" because I love the SE in that track for some reason.

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