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Ah excellent. It checks out too - here's a log from a friend on IRC for comparative purposes:

<@nZero> born in July 8, 1967, from Saitama
<@nZero> in 1989, at the age of 22 he did a MIDI arrange for Dragon Quest
<@nZero> and synth programming for some Star Command CD
<@nZero> 1990, age 23, composed the theme for the NEC Arts Festival
<@nZero> did arrangement for 46 Billion Year Story CD
<@nZero> 1991, age 24, graduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
<@nZero> wrote the game music for "legend of double moon" and "jewel master"
<@nZero> made dragon quest piano arrangements for something called MIDI world
<@nZero> did his first game music concert and also sold a CD with the live material
<@nZero> arranged the music for a Dragon Quest anime, composed by Koichi Sugiyama, and sold a CD with that stuff on it
<@nZero> 1992, age 25, did his second game music concert and made another live CD
<@nZero> made the game music for LANDSTALKER
<@nZero> made the game music for Shining Force Legend for Game Gear
<@nZero> on December 16, Victor (JVC) published the CD for Landstalker
<@nZero> present at the meeting for the Japan Arranger's Association

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