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@Cam: Sometimes eBay can be a useful place to buy VGM, especially since some persons may be selling items that would otherwise require a middle-man service and other hassles that many shoppers don't want to have to deal with. I don't have a great deal of experience dealing with eBay but my transactions have gone smoothly there thus far, especially since I grill the seller with questions and requests for proof as well as check in with some of the other persons he/she has sold items to.

Originally Posted by layzee View Post
While eBay does have a "No Bootleg" policy, it is usually not in eBay's interests to crack down on sellers offering bootleg items for sale because bootleg item sellers financially support eBay (and the other way around too) via the various eBay fees including Final Value Fees. You might call it a symbiotic relationship.

I have no evidence for it but in general, I would assume that eBay will only act if the authorisation holder themselves asks eBay to remove the relevant bootleg items or if a seller's items are so inundated with reports, such that it cannot be ignored. Since it doesn't appear that game music publishers will be contacting eBay anytime soon about their pirated works being sold and since game music is such a niche interest, your reports will be ignored because you're getting in the way of eBay's profits and its shareholder value.
Sad but true. This is the case for many businesses and services. It's all about greed nowadays and not about what's fair to all consumers.
The statement below is false.
The statement above is true.

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