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Originally Posted by Xenofan 29A View Post
I can't find a Youtube link to them, but the "Impulsive Mind" tracks on Junya Nakano's Another Mind Soundtrack (all based on the same theme) are about as purely atonal as you can get.
So it can be (always is?) melodic but the melodic development is kind of non-obvious? Those "Impulsive Mind" tracks sound interesting, very melodic and not at all awkward (purely random notes often sound awkward to me), kind of like an upbeat set up with a creepy twist.

Personally I like the melodic development into broken chords in Valkyrie Profile 2's Divine View.

Honestly not sure about the definition of "atonal" myself, I think plenty people may mistake perfectly tonal compositions being atonal due to them being played using atonal instruments (some ethnic instruments, depitched rock organs, anything "unpitched" sounding like drums, bells, gongs, "industrial sound" effects etc. etc.).

Edit: Thanks for getting me to listen to Nakano's Another Mind soundtrack again, such a great one. ^^

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