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Hi Myrkul. Glad you like it. Hope you get it working with .NET 3.5!

There are lots of new features I'd like to add over time. That's why this is version 0.1. It's just the basic functionality for now. Nothing fancy, but still useful, I hope! The features you mentioned would be great!

Some features I'm considering:
  • Ability to select language -- both for album details and for the tracklist
  • Export nicely formatted album summary to .nfo or .txt
  • Export playlist to .m3u (though you can do that with Mp3tag already)
  • Basic editing functionality to add/edit/delete album details
  • Get the release year from the VGMdb "Release Date" field
  • Automatically download album art
  • Maybe even built-in tagging support so you don't need to use Mp3tag

Let me know if you have any other ideas.
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