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I'd need something like that for linux. Or at least some script to get the tracklist into foobar2000 (using this through wine for tagging work) or eyeD3. Already have some simple script that converts the copy&paste results of the tracklist into a format that is usuable by fb2k through the masstagging engine (input data line by line).

Of course that's also a lot of work:
Manually copy&paste the tracklist from VGMdb, then run the script on the data, after that copy the data over to fb2k (also manually).

Perhaps it's easier to let something like curl fetch the album page, then parse the HTML code itself and use eyeD3 to do the tagging (I have no idea if you can script fb2k to that extend that you can supply tagging info through the commandline). However eyeD3 has the nasty behaviour to write some timestamp data to the ID3v2, something I do not want.
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