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Originally Posted by PhantomSnake View Post
Have you tried my app in Wine?

I could also try compiling it with Mono...

Edit: Just tried it in Linux. The Windows binary works as-is with Mono! Of course, you still need something like Mp3tag to apply the tags.
Yeah, the thing is that I'm not really into installing a huge toolkit because of one single application.
I also think .NET is a bit of an overkill

On second thought I don't think I want another GUI-based application to do the work. I figure that your tool isn't commandline-only based, right?
The reason for that is: the system where the tagging would be done is a headless one, only with ssh access. There are no X libs or whatever installed.
Currently I use sshfs to mount the music directory into my regular laptop filesystem (so I can use fb2k). Looking for some cleaner solution. And using more applications through wine isn't exactly a clean solution *g*

Well, I keep on searching.
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