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I am definitely using this program (in association) with MP3tag for over 2 weeks now. If you configure well MP3tag, it works like a charm. (ie: configure it well to change automatically these non-acceptable characters (:, /, ? ...) that you often find in vgmdb tracklists and everything is fine.
It tags well multiple cds (of the same album of course) from anywhere on your hard drive in a second.
I found a way to tag & rename all my files in a few clicks.
At start i was not having so much confidence in the tool (i did some back-ups..etc..) but i really tested it in all kind of situation, and til you have your tracks in the "right" order, there's no problem.

Only thing to do after that is a quick check (once again you must trust at 200% the tracklists on vgmdb and these are not 100% accurate (some spelling errors here and there).
And finaly you must re-tag it correctly if you want to add composition/artists breakdown (but that goes fast with MP3tag).

my advices if you are going to use this tool:
- you must be very vigilant to have your tracks in the right order, the most commun problem is coming from "data tracks", depending on how you renamed your files, to count it or not.

- check the result after you tagged them, you still can undo changes on MP3tag.

- you can configure "let's tag" to choose the only informations you want.
(ie: it dosn't took me too long to tag & rename all those beatmania albums, i already had the artists tagged correctly, but wanted the other information)

Really, a great tool.
The only downside is that you need .net 3.5

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