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Default Best Releases of 2016

I've watched quite a few animes this year, but few of them had music remarkable or memorable enough to bring me to get the soundtracks compared to 2014 and 2013, or maybe I'm just getting lazy. I'd like to know what are your anime music highlights this year.

For me it's only two albums so far:

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider Original Soundtrack by Kenji Kawai
I liked the soundtrack for its dark atmosphere and melancholy while watching the show, so I decided to give the soundtrack a listen. And it was really worth it, it's one of Kenji Kawai's better recent works.

Actually I don't really listen much to most of the pieces, but the album has some really, really notable highlights. Those are:
01 - beautiFul sorrow
07 - hellFire
08 - aFfliction
22 - conFronting

Akagami no Shirayukihime Original Soundtrack by Michiru Ooshima
I loved the music while watching the anime, it was one of the best musical experience in anime for me in a while. And it's true, the soundtrack is really good. I haven't listened to Ooshima's work for Rokka no Yuusha yet, but right now I consider Shirayukihime her best work since Zetsuen no Tempest.

Still, it's only a couple of pieces I really love. The soundtrack is overall very consistent, but also homogenous (like many of Ooshima's works), so it's easy to pick out the best tracks and listen to them over and over again instead of chosing a wide variety of pieces. Very beautiful flute and string work, though!

What I like most:
Disc 1
04 - Shirayuki: The Journey (especially the second half)
08 - The Meeting: A Day of Destiny
11 - The Prince of Clarines
24 - Raj's Transformation
35 - The Meeting: Their Kiss

Disc 2
11 - Shirayuki's Growth: The Achievement of Standing by Zen's Side

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