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Well... maybe I'm impatient, because I click before fully read :P ("cool, another BlazBlue alb*clicks* aargh drama"). Vocals at least have unique music so I really don't mind them, but drama cds get in the way. I would see it like "grey = 'no-music' color, avoid".

As for telling them apart from anime albums, right now there are few anime drama cds, though I guess it'll grow as time goes. Maybe the drama color should be applied only if it's drama+game? (a bit too particular though)

Or a possible alternative is to add a filter submenu like in the "search results" page with a drama classification to the calendar, albums, updates pages and so on (now that I think, that'd be great too even without the drama filter, no more doujin in the calendar... :P).
Not a big deal though, I just think it would help (me, at least), no problem if you guys don't agree.
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