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Originally Posted by Akumu View Post
Actually the OCR representatives was nothing but professional and kept their cool.

Sadly your friends didn't, as expected
I tried.

Anyway, let me just point out that not Dave or Larry or anyone WANTED OCR staff to chime in. We simply heard there was some drama, read through the threads and some of us got so upset from what we saw that we replied. I know I speak for at least myself, Bahamut and zircon here. We're not some rude gang trying to be mean.

Also to respond directly to a question raised by Quintin, this is what sort of implied OCR was making money and you didn't, giving you some kind of moral highground:

Remember, no money is being made here. Other sites sell things and post ads, which we do not do. We don't prejudge songs and anyone is able to take advantage of free bandwidth, publicity, and disk space.
You don't have to read between the lines even

and finally HI GERG!