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Originally Posted by Akumu View Post
Actually the OCR representatives was nothing but professional and kept their cool.

Sadly your friends didn't, as expected

I thought my friends were on both sides of the argument! D:

Anyway, I more meant Quintin. Shawn's been pretty out of line, like that last post, which was just stupid, so I've pretty much just been ignoring those.

However, as Monobrow put it, this is Quintin's forum for his site, and where he was airing his thoughts, not intended to really get to the OCR guys - and the act of really posting here and fighting is the part that I was referring to as "unprofessional." I don't mean that you guys were throwing out personal insults, like shawn's been doing, and I even agree with some things the OCR guys have said about the focus on community and music rather than site hits, but they way that this was gone about wasn't the best way that could've been gone about. There's nothing the OCR people really needed to say that couldn't have been handled over PMs and now we've got this big forum. And Anso, whether or not djp asked the rest of you in or not, it still comes off as somewhat of a bully response having half the OCR panel coming in here. :P If OCR really needed to say something in response to this thread, I'm sure that most of was said in the first two OCR posts in here by djp and Larry.

Like I said, I like just about all of you in here and I'm not trying to step on any toes. I don't know why the hell I always try to mediate shit that doesn't involve me. -_-