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oh, IM out of line? yes, im out of line because i said this conversation means very little to me from the beginning. you guys gave steve a bad shake and nary none of you can admit it.

but hey, keep on with this discussion if you guys have more grievances to air with him about how he's pushy, how he doesnt treat people objectively, whatever else you wanna say about the guy. you might as well be accusing yourselves of it. i havent even read any of it since maybe the first or second replies of page 2, thats how much it means. ive been shoveling 20-50 inches of snow out of my street so that i can get to katsucon and perform. thats what this music means to ME.

and just so i can humor this thread and the crappy opinions in it, i'll say this: i deleted 50 songs from remixsite, im out of the situation. whatever good might come of it, well i guess that remains to be seen. you guys can help this guy and maybe be a shrink and make it a point to him that he needs to not be so pushy, not be telling people they need to run compos like he tried to do with me. and maybe he'll listen. if he doesnt then whatever. i dont really care, im prawn shase dude. my plans that i have for what i want to do, im doin em.

namaste dudes
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