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You need to decide what you want remixSite to be; do you want it to be a site dedicated to video game remixes, or do you just want it to be glorified file-hosting for whatever an artists doodles in FLStudio? Right now, it's the latter, and there are plenty of other, better music file-hosting sites out there (e.g. Tindeck).
I mostly agree with your other comments, but this one is a little one-sided. I don't want to remix tracks unless I particularly feel like it, but I DO want to write music for computer games. I was having a conversation with Powellman about this and we kind've thought it would work well to have a site dedicated to original music that people would like to see used in a game. Though music of any genre can be placed in games, it seems that many think game music just isn't what it once was. Why else are people still remixing Final Fantasy 7 and Megaman tracks? It's not just nostalgia. If any sort've attention was to be received from actual companies, a dedicated site would be a way to go. I'm not suggesting RemixSite does this, since the site is already up and running, but I wouldn't think that people should be discouraged from producing original music. If it's good, I'd rather hear more from that artist than anyone's cover of anything.