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Let's assume that I put up a copy of remixSite, with the VGMdb integration disabled and the site available for uploads from all genres. That addresses the focus issue. Do you say that tindeck would still be better than remixSite in that instance?
Really, all that, and the only thing you took away from it was "TinDeck is better?"

I only used it as an example; if you think TinDeck is better, fine. I'm not going to make a judgement based on a hypothetical either way at this point.

My point is, you can't say you're a VGM remix site and then allow people to upload original music too. It dilutes what you're trying to do. Hell, the name of your website is REMIX SITE. So where are the remixes? Front page has original music. Why should I listen to those? These are questions visitors ask themselves.