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Zircon: There's nothing wrong with making a site dedicated to original music that is basically supposed to be "game soundtrack-esque" but I think Darkesword's point is that remixSite is ALSO hosting VG remixes. And it has "remix" in the title. So, the identity is confusing and it ends up just being a file dump. I would also say that people DO just remix games like FF7 and MM2 primarily due to nostalgia, and secondarily because older games had more melodic music, thus making it easier to remix compared to modern game soundtracks. But I don't know what that has to do with anything.
I think we agree, we're just looking from different perspectives. I didn't really imply anything otherwise. And I have to also agree both you and Darkesword about honing in on the actual vision of the site. Catering to both remixers and original artists is apparently more tricky than one would think. I have to say, if I had original music that I intended for a game, and I had a choice between "RemixSite" and "COMposed" (which I just made up) I would choose whichever was directed more towards original music, just as a remixer would look to a site dedicated to remixing. But when the site caters to both equally, it's a bit unrewarding to post something, since you can't be sure what the community is really geared towards.

If it really had to come down to a choice, I'd make an original composition site over a remix site, since there's already sites out there for remixing. No covers would be allowed on the site too (so I see where you're coming from with the title being "RemixSite") . The problem would still be with pageviews and numbers though, worse so, so I don't see RemixSite making a change like that. But if RemixSite went the other way as you seem to be suggesting, I'd be gone. Interest dies for me after that, so honestly, I don't see a change like that working.