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As Darke said, the remix community is more vibrant and exciting than ever. I want to point out that we've actually had to implement new guidelines on OCR simply to manage the sheer number of projects that have sprung up lately. On top of that, we've had partnerships with companies like Capcom and VGL, blurring the line between fan work and pro work. There's no better time to be a part of this community.

Well, but you're missing that it was novel enough for VGMix, and that site was incredibly successful. Compare what VGMix could do and what this site can do, and you'll see that this site does more than VGMix ever did with fewer bugs and many fewer security issues.
And YOU'RE missing that VGmix 2 existed back in what, 2004? A lot can happen on the Internet n 6 years. Furthermore, it was *just* VG remixes, not original music too. VGmix 2 was unique because it had the whole RPG system. It definitely had its flaws, but the way they encouraged feedback, good reviews and community was definitely novel. Your site is just a repository of random music with no focus and view/rating counts. There are a LOT of music hosting websites that can offer the same kind of thing. How can you not see the difference here?

The solution isn't to give up, blaming people on the way out, it's to figure out something that the VGM community could really use that is UNIQUE. In my opinion, put your effort into original video game music OR video game remixes. Stop trying to do both. The former has never really been done well so that is potentially exciting.