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Default Decision


After much thought, I had a make a difficult decision this morning. For a while, we've been working on two designs, but it wasn't until recently that I determined how hard it would be to implement Rama's design into the existing site. I estimate it would take 30 hours to get Rama's design working, when the other design is very close to being finished.

Also, everybody I've talked to in person has expressed concern about the black-on-white rendering of text in Rama's design. They love his design and think that it looks great, but the black on white is a fundamental issue that has been proven in studies to reduce accessibility. With these two considerations in mind, I think that we have to proceed starting from the design at

That doesn't mean in any way that we should ignore all of Rama's ideas, nor does it mean that Rama's design is poor. On the contrary, it's incredible. If he had presented the design a month earlier, this decision would never have had to been made.

To thank Rama for all his efforts, I'd like to offer him 100 experience points that he can use to promote his songs or sites. I'd also like to retain a link to at the bottom of Game Remixes, and offer to change the text of the link to whatever else (to anything else than "video game music remixes") he wants so that he can increase his search engine rankings for his desired keywords. Finally, I'd like to ask if he would allow his design to remain public for commercial websites I'm working on, with him receiving a commission for his services, perhaps $50, each time someone purchases a website.

Hopefully, people will understand the need for consolidation of effort. I incorporated almost all of the changes that were suggested by everyone and put them up at Firefox only, for now. I'm not going to list everything here because you can go see them for yourself.

If you click on an original song, you'll notice that I've started changing the colors on the resulting page to differentiate originals from remixes. There's still a lot to go with that, so I ask you to withhold judgment on the original song pages for now.

If Rama is still interested, and I can understand completely if he is not, I'd like to ask him if he'd design the symbol he offered to design. I agree with him that the symbol doesn't really fit the design and that there are too many notes to make it look good when it's smaller.

Keep the suggestions and comments coming, and I hope that everyone can agree that regardless of what comes out of this redesign, the result will be far better than the original.
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