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Why are you turning this into an argument for buying vs. downloading vs. rarity vs. etc. etc. etc.? This isn't an argument. Read the first post.

1.) Please don't send unsolicited messages to members asking for lossless rips of their albums.
2.) Please don't use the "Show Collections" page to advertise file-trading.
It's not up for debate. This is not a file trading site. I don't think anyone on this site is oblivious to the fact that file sharing happens. But this site is not built around nor does it promote it.

If you want lossless albums, please respect the privacy and have the courtesty to not private message people asking them to rip lossless albums. It's rude, it's disrespectful and it's downright annoying. This is coming from someone who had to put his entire collection in a "Own (DO NOT MESSAGE ME FOR LOSSLESS RIPS)" folder to stop getting private messaged. You can find lossless rips and people who support lossless trading elsewhere. This is not a site where you can exploit the fact that people want to show off their collections or catalog their collections to find people with albums you want.
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