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Originally Posted by Xenofan 29A View Post
The aversion to vocals among video game music fans baffles me. Perhaps it's a reaction to the crappy music on the radio.
I don't think it's too entirely baffling. Certainly, I think most people here concur that music on radio can hardly be called music, which is why they turn to video game music which for the most part, consists of strong and solid instrumentals that can stand the test of time (unlike pop music that gets old quick).

Having said that, I guess it depends on each individual album on how the vocals turn out. For example, bad examples of vocal albums include ones where they just sing over the originally instrumental song (e.g. Guilty Gear XX L.A. and GGXX N.Y.). They're bad enough that they're good, but they're still bad. Legimitately good examples of vocal songs are these three Guilty Gear albums.

In general though and personally speaking, I don't consider the human voice to be a musical instrument. (in italics 'cos it's a controversial opinion) I don't care how good the singing is, if it doesn't have good instrumentals behind it, then I cannot listen to it.

Anyway, bringing it back to Kinema in the Hole. It's a vocal album yes, but it's also good (both the singing and the music). Things to expect in this album include the badass "vibrating bass guitar" element (I'm not good with musical terminology) from the best track of Shadow Hearts: From the New World: Dead Fingers Talk. You'll know it when you hear it.

This "vibrating bass" is further explored in ENORMOUS THREAT (Rogue Galaxy Arrange) and on the track, One-Wing Bird. More must-listens for Hirota fans who like his dark and serious tone.

Originally Posted by Xenofan 29A View Post
I have also heard the soundtrack to Bomberman 64 2, but that was co-composed with ACE and Mitsuda, and I don't know what exactly was Hirota's on it. There's some good music there, but it's nothing really amazing in my book (although Blitz Lunar's a fan, if I remember correctly).
Hmm, a N64 game from 1999 and a Bomberman game no less?

I'll lower my expectations and hopefully be surprised.
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