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I see.
I prepared to do it, but that preparation was shaken about three days later.
Until the second day I'd been really busy checking the studio, contacting the mixers and deciding on the orchestra members, so I hadn't analyzed Andou's songs at all.
And then, once I looked at his songs, the tempo was amazing.
The tempo would completely change by the measure or even by the note.
I thought that was a bit problematic, so I called Andou to protest. (laughs)
To explain with an example, it's impossible to change the speed of a car from 150km/h to 120km/h the instant it crosses a line.
Starting to slowly decelerate earlier, and then being at 120km/h when you cross the line can be done.
But Andou's music would demand those sudden changes of speed from human musicians, and I thought it'd be completely impossible.
dying from laughter
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