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Question Where is this song from?

Since a weird 8:00 AM on November 4, 2017, when popular animator, TheWax70, was live streaming Sonic animation in Adobe Animate, I've never been the same. A fan requested a weird song from an unknown SNES game, and it has stuck in my head ever since. But the thing that's stapled my determination in finding this is the fact that the stream was deleted instantly after it finished, and that TheWax himself can't remember it. None of this stream is archived.

And this is a recreation of that exact song. There were a few other SNES tracks at the beginning of the stream, but this is the only one I remember. This is the song that's injected anger and annoyance into me. An ear worm with a near-everlasting melody. A song that's just about on the verge of extinction as far as I know.

What about the details on the real song? Well, it was rumored to be a map/transition/level select theme, but sounds similar to a sports/puzzle title screen theme. The former guess is from an Online Sequencer user who's scanning all the SNES OSTs. It had way more bombastic instrumentation, having very loud drums, and what sounded to me like a "monkey ding" for the high notes. No, I can't describe that in any further detail. It might've had more to it than just the intro and melody, but I'm not 100% sure. Probably the most important part is the length. When I heard it on the stream, it looped twice(?) before fading out. This totaled for a runtime of somewhere around 10 minutes. It was RIDICULOUSLY long. I kept rewinding it.

I've tried bringing it up elsewhere, but it hasn't been a success. The game it's from had to have been released here in America, because it sounds like it's from a Japanese composer, and it'd be too hard to find if it were Japan-exclusive. The reason I think it's from the SNES is because it has the slight echo and the consistency that some SNES soundtracks have.

So it'd be VERY nice if you could find this for me.
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