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Default Adding more music

Though it's been a while since I've added new features to the site, I will have some free time on the weekend of August 25-26 and plan to add hundreds of remixes.

I've gotten several requests from people who have asked me if I had one remix or another. Since I've been downloading remixes since 1997, I have close to ten thousand remixes ranging from the midis that were prevalent in the late '90s to impulse tracker (*.it) files and even files that were from the original version of VGMix (not the VGMix X that was available in 2005 or so).

Some of these remixes may be the only copies that exist and could be lost even to the artists, so from a standpoint of preserving culture I want to get these online. Keep visiting to hear more over the next few weeks.

I'll also be contacting the VGMdb administrators to update the database with the latest VBMdb information.
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