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It's actually interesting to know that someone still reads that blog. I haven't made many posts there for a while, but I stand by everything I've written there. Anyway, we can go and have a discussion about stuff over there if you want to talk more about that.


Let's come at this from a different angle.

Between four and three months ago, I posted at least three messages about this issue: the one here, the one that Liontamer replied to, and another one in the Overclocked ReMix forums. At the time, you didn't say a word.

Then, you suddenly told me to leave your forums, and without paying attention to the date of this thread, or whether anything had actually been done in all that time, and without waiting for me even one hour to respond, you started sending out E-Mails. Prior to your E-Mails, exactly one artist had expressed any concern whatsoever about this issue. No other artists nor any of the other site administrators you mentioned had any issues. I specifically sent an E-Mail to virt, and he was so unconcerned with this site that he didn't even bother to read my message.

On the other hand, there were people who thought that distributing their music as widely as possible was a good thing. A game developer sent me an E-Mail asking me whether he could license some works.

There are two reasons why it is impossible that any of the other sites that still host much of this music have any greater right to do so. Take the VGMix works, because they seem to be at issue. First, virt told me himself that he did not have the right to assign the hosting of his previous site's music to anyone at all.

Second, it is not possible that someone contacted 1376 songs' artists individually to gain such permission, because I tried to do so two weeks ago myself. When that game developer inquired, I spent about four hours searching the Internet for "The Unknown" to help the developer set up a meeting with the artist to talk. I was able to send a text message to someone I thought was him, but he didn't know what I was talking about. I gave up because he was long gone.

If it took me 4 hours to find one person, how long would it take to contact hundreds of people and get them to respond? I must have sent out 70 cold E-Mails a few years ago to people whose addresses I was able to locate, and I think maybe two or three responded.


The bottom line is that every time someone comes around who attempts to expand the community, you repeatedly attempt to shut them down. Why weren't you out there supporting, since it was also "dedicated to the appreciation of video game music?" There's a thread that has hundreds of posts in 2009 that stretched over several years titled something like "we need a vgmix replacement." You closed it, as you did with my thread on essentially the same topic.

I believe that you do respect artists, but the idea that you are on this campaign because of the really evil things I did here, and that you asked Secret Squirrel to shut this forum down solely because you are protecting artists' rights, is ridiculous. Why are you not going after the myriad for-profit spam sites that copy remixes and host ads next to them? The truth is that you've disliked me for years. I really hope that other people read this and don't cave to the pressure.

(Finally, the reason why I don't have anything against Liontamer is simply because you were the person who did the things above, not him.)
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