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Default Don't Wanna Be Sued

Hello all, I've come to get recommendations before I make changes to my blog. I'm at the moment making a monetized blog that focuses on video game music. I'll sometimes write reviews of indie games, write reviews on indie game soundtracks or upcoming composers, or do a musical analysis on certain songs. It'd be much easier to draw in a crowd if I could actually have the music itself embedded in the blog post. However, I can't use the ever popular Youtube as that would be seen as copyright infringement from what I've researched. That's totally understandable. It wouldn't be copyright infringement to post a link leading to the site that has the actual music. I actually don't have a problem with that. However, if the user uploading the music isn't the sole owner of said music, then I can still possibly get into trouble. So, I'm at a loss. I could very well message every video game company or composer and ask for permission to embed their music in my blog. That would be a ton of companies. Yet, with their busy schedules I don't see myself getting a reply soon if at all. And now we've arrived at the big, hard question that I've harassed Google with....

Does anybody know of a website that legally stores a large supply of video game music that has embeddable features on the individual song so that my linking to the music would be possible? It could be a site like Bandcamp, Youtube, Just any site that you've heard about through the grapevine or anything really.

I don't see much hope for this, but I figure it never hurts to ask just in case.
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